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Your DNA Secrets Revealed

Genealogy is more than scrapbooks you inherited from your grandparents – it’s part of the story of how you became you.

By Christina Zeiders

State College Police arrest Reedsville man for a 26-year-old cold case using genetic genealogy

Scott R. Williams, of Reedsville, was arrested for allegedly raping and assaulting a Penn State senior in 1995.

By Min Xian/SpotlightPA

Study links genetic variant to lower obesity risk

The research, with ties to central Pa., offers hope for people struggling with their weight.

By Brett Sholtis

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Gene mutations linked to higher rates of leukemia in Hispanic and Latino children

“Every discovery always opens more questions like why this particularly change in genes happens more in this population versus the others,” said Dr. Sinisa Dovat.

By Keira McGuire/WITF

Human Nature a NOVA special

We can now edit the human genome with a tool called CRISPR. But how far should we go?

By Fred Vigeant/WITF