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Cash assistance program for the poor in Pa. ends today

“Our main concern is for our clients. Our clients will not be having any subsistence income.”
By Katie Meyer

Advocacy groups attempt to halt imminent General Assistance repeal

The move has been expected ever since the GOP-controlled legislature shoehorned the contentious repeal into a budget bill
By Katie Meyer

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Democrats launching plan to save General Assistance, again

General Assistance was already repealed once, in 2012. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf reinstated it last year after the state Supreme Court ruled the original repeal unconstitutional on a technicality.

By Katie Meyer

Republicans: If Fetterman breaks rules again, we can remove him from presiding over the Senate

After a blowout on the Senate floor, GOP members say the lieutenant governor has 'scarred' the chamber
By Katie Meyer

Pa. Senate session devolves into shouting as GOP repeals cash assistance

"Mr. President you are becoming a partisan hack. Do your job Mr. President."
By Katie Meyer

Cash for the poor? Yes. Arming teachers? No. And 4 other highlights from #AskGovWolf

Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to get rid of a program that offers small amounts of cash to certain poor people. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf wants to keep the program, known as General Assistance, but he says the latest move by Republicans puts him in a tough position.

By Ed Mahon

GOP hopes to force Wolf to gut General Assistance by tangling it with medical funding

The program gives relatively small sums of cash to poor people who don't qualify for other assistance.
By Katie Meyer

Cash for the poor? General Assistance welfare again under threat in Pa.

“These are folks who are really struggling to get by on a day-to-day basis, and General Assistance is the only income support that’s available to them.”
By Aaron Moselle/WHYY