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Pa. legislature will take up election law changes starting next week

Lessons from Pa.'s 6/2 primary lessons to inform changes for Nov.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Lawmakers begin debate over election code changes to delay primary due to coronavirus outbreak

Initial ideas don't include all-mail and June 23 date that some election directors want.
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Pa. lawmakers edge closer to delaying April 28 primary

Election officials "boiling over at the inaction" in Harrisburg
By Emily Previti/PA Post

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Do Pa. lawmakers have the power to postpone April 28 primary?

With date set in law, legislation may be only option
By Emily Previti/PA Post

Pa. lawmakers push for less oversight hours after investigation reveals millions in hidden campaign spending

Lawmakers quietly tucked a new provision into a bill that would reduce oversight and make it harder for the public to see how they spend their campaign cash.
By Angela Couloumbis/Spotlight PA and Sam Janesch/The Caucus