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Greene County community has questions after fracking incident at EQT well

The Department of Environmental Protection and driller EQT are still investigating what happened. People who live nearby are calling it a ‘frac-out’ and are concerned about their water.

By Reid Frazier

Allegheny County Council votes to ban fracking in county parks, overriding Fitzgerald’s veto

Allegheny County Council has upheld a ban on new fracking for natural gas in county parks.

By Julia Zenkevich/WESA

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Poll: 75% of Pennsylvanians accept evidence of climate change

The poll included more than 400 people statewide and has a margin of error of 5.5 percent.

By Rachel McDevitt

As Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidates push more gas production, report collects studies that show fracking harms

Anti-fracking groups say some aspects of the industry can’t be effectively regulated.

By Jon Hurdle

Study finds elderly near fracking sites at higher risk of dying prematurely 

The authors said they didn’t know what aspect of the fracking process was to blame. 

By Reid Frazier

Updated: November 10, 2021 | 2:06 pm

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Arkoosh calls for end to fracking in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania gas wells produced about 7.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2020 — the largest volume of natural gas ever produced in the state in a single year.

By Julia Zenkevich/WESA

DEP to require landfills to test for radioactivity from fracking waste

Leachate is tested for dozens of potential pollutants. But until now, landfills haven’t had to test it for radium, a radioactive material common in oil and gas waste.  

By Reid Frazier

DEP report: Pennsylvania extracted more natural gas than ever during pandemic

The DEP says production topped 7 trillion cubic feet in 2020.

By Madison Goldberg