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‘Move over law’ requires motorists in Pennsylvania to steer clear of emergency responders

Fines for a first offense increase from $250 to $500. That jumps to $1,000 for a second offense.

By Maria Scapellato/WESA

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Lidia Salutes First Responders

A Salute to First Responders is a celebration uniquely suited to the times. Almost everyone has a story about how they, or someone they know has been helped by a first responder.

By Fred Vigeant/WITF

‘A horrible challenge’: York Regional EMS chief worried about supply of N95 masks

“Nobody knew of this until a couple of months ago. ... By then, it was already too late to try and prepare."
By Keira McGuire/WITF

Coronavirus will accelerate EMS crisis in Pa.’s small towns and rural areas, experts say

“I can’t even see the enemy on this one to worry about my people. I worry about it constantly.”
By Wallace McKelvey/PennLive

A day in the life of an EMS provider battling the coronavirus

“That's always in the back of your head, that at some point you're going to get sick.”
By Keira McGuire/WITF

Allegheny County first responders to get additional COVID-19 information before responding to a call

The move comes after union representatives for some first-responders raised concern about members having to self-isolate after potentially being exposed to the virus.

By Ariel Worthy/WESA