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At rally, groups press Dauphin County Prison for answers about prisoners’ death

The groups say the conditions inside the prison are inhumane, and are trying to highlight allegations of poor water quality, temperature regulation and disregard to female prisoners’ personal hygiene needs.

By Gabriela Martínez/WITF

Philadelphia man cleared after 37 years in prison, sues city

“I didn’t believe that they would let something like that happen — that they knew, and they didn’t tell me.”

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

Pennsylvania man free after 37 years due to ‘sex for lies’ false witness

“Today is a tremendous day. However, it’s also a sad day, because it reminds us of how lawless, unfair and unjust Philadelphia law enforcement was for so long.”

By Maryclaire Dale/The Associated Press

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After pushback, a widely criticized mandatory minimum bill is on hold

Amen Brown, a freshman state representative from Philadelphia, has been inundated with criticism since introducing a bill that would institute new mandatory minimum sentences for gun-related crime.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Report details an expansion of criminal punishments over the past decade

Also on the program: How changing statutes are applied at sentencing

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Philly DA finds ‘horrendous abuses of power’ among cops, prosecutors in special report

“Combined, these men spent 384 years wrongfully imprisoned,” Larry Krasner wrote.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

A West Philadelphia Democrat is going tough on crime. Progressives say his bill is ‘terrifyingly awful’

Under current law, the maximum penalty for that crime is two years. Under Brown’s bill, it appears the mandatory minimum for that offense would be ten years.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Franklin County D.A. creates race and equity advisory board

The board advises the district attorney’s office on matters of race in criminal justice.

By Anthony Orozco