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Report: Life sentences create ‘larger, older, sicker, more expensive’ prison population

In Pennsylvania, people can be convicted of felony-murder if they participate in a felony such as robbery or kidnapping that results in death.

By An-Li Herring/WESA

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Harrisburg budget discussions end with slightly less additional funding for police department

Mayor Eric Papenfuse proposed a new community policing division to increase cooperation with residents. Opponents said the city should prioritize other services and the police department should provide more data on arrests and complaints before getting more money.

By Alanna Elder

Demonstrators in York call for releases from immigration detention

At a vigil outside York County Prison on Thursday evening, leaders from several groups spoke and played testimony from people who had been detained – or had loved ones detained – in the building across the parking lot.

By Alanna Elder

Bucks County pilots a ‘humanity-based’ policing approach with social workers

Bucks County is launching an experimental program aimed at keeping people with mental illness out of the criminal justice system.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Report: Racial imbalances persist in Allegheny County criminal justice system

Much of the analysis in Tuesday’s report focuses on 430 cases in which the most serious offense was a misdemeanor. Between May and June, the study found, 44 percent of misdemeanor defendants in Allegheny County were Black, even though just 13 percent of the county’s population is Black.

By An-Li Herring/WESA

Berks County judge: Man cannot be retried in 1996 slayings of 2 cousins

The judge last month dismissed the charges against 44-year-old Roderick Johnson, saying his initial trials were unfair and trying him again for the same crimes would violate federal double jeopardy laws, the Reading Eagle reported.

By The Associated Press

Could bringing back ‘gun court’ help abate gun violence in Philadelphia?

Roughly 16% of the city’s first 300 homicides also involved victims on probation.
By Ximena Conde/WHYY