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Smart Talk Road Trip to Pa. Farm Show

Agriculture has been described as Pennsylvania’s number one industry because it has such an economic and cultural impact on the state. So, any change in policy, the economy, weather and climate or consumer tastes affects Pennsylvanians.

By Scott LaMar

Midstate college launches courses to help brewers grow skills

A midstate college is offering its first in a series of courses to help craft brewers build their skills.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pennsylvania invests in crops for brewing and distilling

The Department of Agriculture plans to award $460,000 in grants for specialty crops, most of which can be used to make craft beverages.

By Rachel McDevitt

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Tax on beer sold at Pennsylvania breweries goes into effect

A tax on beer sold at Pennsylvania breweries and brew pubs is in effect, and some are passing along the higher cost to customers.

By The Associated Press