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tag | Call the Midwife

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Gastroenteritis Sweeps the Maternity Home

Nurse Crane is shocked when her ability is questioned and an emergency closure strikes the maternity home.

By Christina Zeiders

Call the Midwife: Nonnatus House Continues Holistic Care

Lucille struggles with her mental and emotional health and Sister Julienne discovers a rash on a patient’s breast and quickly gets a referral to St. Cuthbert’s.

By Christina Zeiders

Call The Midwife, Sanditon and Marie Antoinette Premiere this Sunday

Three dramas to chase away the Sunday scaries! Watch the premieres on March 19 starting at 8pm!

By Christina Zeiders

Stream it Early with WITF Passport: Call the Midwife

Stream Call the Midwife’s 12th season 30 days early with your WITF Passport membership beginning February 19!

By Christina Zeiders