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WITF Music: All Without Words

Inspired by the vocalizations of his non-verbal autistic son, a composer turns struggle and joy into music.

By Joe Ulrich

Research finds that autism develops differently in girls than boys

Local care providers offer a perspective on caring for Autistic individuals during the pandemic
By Merideth Bucher

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Thousands of Pa. children with autism are set to lose access to services in mid January

A change at the state level is blocking funding for a type of one-on-one therapy when conducted at clinics rather than in the home.
By Brett Sholtis

Lawsuit says Pa. is failing special needs kids during coronavirus school closures

"The families claim “online learning is wholly inadequate to meet the needs of nonverbal and partially verbal children with autism who rely upon…in-person instruction.”
By Avi Wolfman-Arent/Keystone Crossroads

Parents worry: Will upended routines mean children with autism in Pa. lose ground?

“A lot of the families are really, really in a bind."
By Joel Wolfram/WHYY

Autism and child care: How a lack of quality programs hurts families

Autism is often marked by difficulty processing sensory information and learning to communicate and interact socially. Those challenges can make it especially difficult for families to find care for their children.

By Joel Wolfram/WHYY

Philly’s cultural attractions develop resources for sensory-sensitive visitors

The Museum of the American Revolution is part of a growing trend among cultural attractions to accommodate people with sensory sensitivities.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY