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State House Democrats attempt to force a vote on package of health care bills

Representative Dan Frankel says Republicans in Harrisburg “are in lockstep” with Republicans in Washington, “on a mission to basically bring down the Affordable Care Act.”
By Liz Reid/WESA

Pa. Democrats push to shore up insurance coverage in case ACA is struck down

They want a GOP-controlled Senate committee to hold hearings on several of their bills backstopping ACA provisions. It’s not clear if they’ll get their wish.
By Katie Meyer

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Casey is ready for ‘big, rough fight’ on health care in 2020

In Pennsylvania, 1.1 million people stand to lose access to health care if the Affordable Care Act is overturned.

By Lucy Perkins/WESA

Health insurance premiums on federal exchange are a bit lower, but not in Pennsylvania

“It’s bit of a strange market, but insurers know more or less what they’re dealing with.”
By Sarah Boden/WESA