Starting over: Life in the midstate after Hurricane Maria

Written by Rachel McDevitt | Mar 29, 2018 4:42 PM

The flags of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the United States hang in the window of the Latino Hispanic American Community Center in Harrisburg. (Photo: Tom Downing/WITF)

(Harrisburg) - Last September, Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico.

The disaster sent thousands of people to the U.S. mainland in search of relief, and many have settled in the midstate.

Six months after the storm, WITF will examine how the transition for those families has been playing out.

Next Monday through Wednesday during Morning Edition, listen for stories that will introduce you to families who have faced new challenges as they've relocated. Those challenges include finding a place to live and learning a new language.

Also on Monday and Tuesday, Smart Talk will speak with those on the front lines in helping these families get settled. We'll take a deep dive into the problems some run into, and the overall impact the influx of people is having on the midstate.

On Thursday and Friday during Morning Edition, learn about the issues Puerto Ricans face when it comes to their health and navigating a new health care system.

Check back for updates as the series unfolds.

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