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Racial trauma in the Black community could have generational effects

“Everything that preceded today’s life experience for Black people – starting with arrival on the shores of what would become the United States – laid down the framework for trauma.”
By Julia Agos

Emergency fund available to Reading renters

The money is connected to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s CARES Act funding, which is aimed at helping people who, for example, might have lost a job because of the COVID-19 pandemic and need help making rent payments. The assistance comes with some stipulations.

By Alanna Elder

Estudiante brasileño de Penn State reacciona a nueva regla migratoria, enfrenta un futuro incierto

Estudiantes internacionales están tratando de comprender como las nuevas regulaciones de las visas estudiantiles les pueden impactar, más allá del semestre que viene.
By Alanna Elder

Are gas royalty owners buyers or sellers? In a court fight over royalties, the answer to that question could make all the difference to landowners

The state attorney general’s office says when someone sells drilling rights to a company, they should be covered under the consumer protection law. Drillers in the lawsuit argue the landowners aren’t buying anything — so they’re not protected consumers.

By Rachel McDevitt