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Scott Blanchard, Editor / WITF

As director of journalism, I work on things like newsroom strategy, culture, ethics, and training; I work with reporters (mainly climate reporter Rachel McDevitt) on stories; and I'm deeply involved with our community engagement efforts and collaborations with other news organizations.

My roots in journalism go back to growing up outside Washington, D.C., reading Woodward and Bernstein in my hometown paper, and being drawn to the ideals of freedom of the press and holding the powerful to account. I also idolized the Post’s sports columnists, and in fact was a sports reporter/editor before I moved to news.

I followed journalism’s call to the University of Missouri, then to jobs in Virginia and Maryland before landing in Pennsylvania, and I’ve lived near Gettysburg for more than two decades. Living in rural Pa. helps inform my work as a journalist and my belief that listening is one of the most important things we can do.

If I’m not doing journalism stuff, I may be traveling, bird-watching, or both.

Latest by Scott Blanchard

Why is WITF’s journalism newsletter named ‘The Purple Buck’?

An artist’s thank-you that was tied directly to our work inspired the name.

By Scott Blanchard/WITF

WITF focuses election-fraud lie accountability policy on lawmakers in key areas involving democracy

In Pennsylvania, the election-fraud lie remains alive, pushed by elected officials who know that the 2020 election was free, fair and secure, and that the results were accurate. 

By Scott Blanchard/WITF

Chambersburg wants to become a better community. 19 residents gathered to discuss how to get there

WITF, a consultant and a brewery co-owner collaborated to hold an event at which people from Chambersburg talked about what makes a great community — and how their borough can get there.

By Scott Blanchard/WITF

Updated: 2022-11-09 02:30:00

Republican Scott Perry defeats Democrat Shamaine Daniels to retain 10th Congressional District seat

Rep. Scott Perry, from Dillsburg, sought his sixth term in office and was challenged by Harrisburg City Council member Shamaine Daniels.

By Brett Sholtis and Scott Blanchard/WITF

Pennsylvania climate forum brings informed public into problem-solving effort

Deliberative forums bring together a demographically representative group of people, provide them with in-depth background material on the subject matter of the forum, and create questions to engage attendees in small-group discussions that are designed to produce ideas and potential solutions. 

By Scott Blanchard/WITF

The CDC now recommends Pfizer boosters after 5 months, down from 6

Recommendations for booster shots for those who initially received vaccines made by Moderna or Johnson & Johnson have not changed.

By Scott Blanchard/WITF

Countering the big lie: WITF newsroom’s coverage will connect lawmakers with their election-fraud actions

As part of WITF’s commitment to factual reporting, and because the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan. 6 threatened America itself, we will use language in our reporting to show how elected officials’ actions supported the election-fraud lie that led to the insurrection.

By Tim Lambert/WITF and Scott Blanchard/WITF

WITF’s ‘America Amplified’ strategy had to adapt — but the listening continues

We can’t physically bring people together, and our travel is limited. But we’re still listening.

By Scott Blanchard/WITF