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Liz Tung/WHYY

Liz is a health and science reporter working on The Pulse. Liz is a recent radio convert, whose interests include social determinants of health, watchdog journalism, and all things related to the brain. Before coming to WHYY, Liz spent seven years as a music writer in Beijing.

Latest by Liz Tung/WHYY

Pennsylvania faces ‘historic shortage of police.’ AG Shapiro, Commissioner Outlaw call on Harrisburg for help

Across the state there are at least 1,229 vacant police positions.

By Liz Tung/WHYY

‘We are in a state of emergency’: What’s behind the rising suicide rate among Black kids

Today, suicide is the second-leading cause of death among Black children ages 10 to 19. And that rate is rising faster for them than for any other racial or ethnic group.

By Liz Tung/WHYY

Philadelphia won’t follow state and relax restaurant restrictions as cases rise

When Pennsylvania relaxes restaurant restrictions on bar and alcohol service, along with indoor dining and outdoor event capacity, on Sunday, April 4, Philadelphia won’t be following suit, city officials said on Tuesday.

By Liz Tung/WHYY

Pa. coronavirus update: Most Philadelphia residents could be vaccinated by July

If the city’s timeline unfolds according to the current tentative plan, Farley said, Philadelphia will stay in phase 1B until around the end of April, finish 1C by the end of May and move into phase 2 in June.

By Liz Tung/WHYY

Pa. coronavirus recovery: State confirms first COVID-19-positive cat in Cumberland County

The 16-year-old feline lived in a household with multiple people who’d been infected with COVID-19, and was humanely euthanized earlier this month after presenting with respiratory distress.

By Nina Feldman/WHYY and Liz Tung/WHYY

Pa. coronavirus recovery: Pandemic ‘is not over,’ Philly health commissioner warns

"We’re going to have to learn how to live with it and how to manage it.”
By Liz Tung/WHYY

How ready is Philadelphia for the coronavirus?

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I think it’s around a 6 or a 7."
By Liz Tung/WHYY

5 lessons one doctor learned from the times he almost died

Because it’s so rare, Castleman disease isn’t well understood. That was especially the case 10 years ago.

By Liz Tung/WHYY

New regulations are changing which drugs Medicaid covers in Pennsylvania. Here’s what that means for consumers.

As of January 1, the State Department of Human Services is requiring that all prescriptions covered by Medicaid be drawn from the same preferred prescription drug list, which switches out a number of medications for cheaper alternatives.

By Liz Tung/WHYY