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Katie Meyer is WHYY’s political reporter. Prior to coming to Philadelphia, Katie was WITF’s Capitol bureau chief, and covered all things state politics for public radio stations throughout Pennsylvania.

Katie came to Harrisburg by way of New York City, where she worked at Fordham University’s public radio station, WFUV, as an anchor, general assignment reporter, and co-host of an original podcast. A 2016 graduate of Fordham, she won several awards for her work at WFUV, including four 2016 Gracies.

Katie is a native New Yorker, though she originally hails from Troy, a little farther up the Hudson River. She can attest that the bagels are still pretty good there.

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With court deadline looming, Pa. lawmakers ready one last congressional map attempt

With the Jan. 30 deadline imposed by Pa. Commonwealth Court approaching, the Republican-controlled state Senate is trying to cobble together a compromise.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Republican candidates warn of immigrant ‘ghost flights,’ but lack facts and context

An unprecedented influx of unaccompanied minors is being used as a political chess piece as races heat up.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY and Anthony Orozco

The (arcane, unlikely) doomsday redistricting law looming over Pennsylvania’s map impasse

A little-known 1941 federal law could take effect if the state can’t meet its obligation to draw a new congressional map,

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Pa. lawmakers nearing deadline for new congressional map. Here’s what’s next

The deadline for Pennsylvania to finalize a new congressional map in time for this year’s primary election is fast approaching and a few things still have to happen or could happen.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

A Bucks County school district told teachers not to discuss the Jan. 6 insurrection with students

Pennridge School District teachers teachers were told not to “wade into” discussions with students about the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection in Washington D.C. “due to the current polarization and strong emotions.”

By Emily Rizzo/WHYY and Katie Meyer/WHYY

One year and six arrests later, Bucks County still debating its part in Jan. 6 insurrection

Over the past year, simmering political conflicts and resentments boiled over in the wake of Jan. 6 have cropped up repeatedly in Pennsylvania.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Victim advocates in Pa. looking for ways to revive Marsy’s Law after court decision

The victims’ rights amendment had already passed through the state legislature twice and had been approved by a wide margin by voters in 2019. But that same year, the Commonwealth Court prohibited it from immediately taking effect.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

A political shakeup could be in store for Pa. state lawmakers under new map proposals

Democrats could have the upper hand if proposals for state House and Senate maps hold after changes and potential court scrutiny.

By Katie Meyer/WHYY and Sam Dunklau

Pa. Republicans are moving a new draft congressional map. It’s still mostly a mystery

“’Here’s a map that we’re looking at. Let’s get it together. There was no discussion of how that map was selected.”

By Katie Meyer/WHYY

First Pa. Congressional map drafts give the GOP a slight edge in future elections

Negotiations and changes to either of the two ideas will likely happen before a final map lands on Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk for approval.

By Sam Dunklau and Katie Meyer/WHYY