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Jordan Wilkie, Democracy Reporter / WITF

Jordan Wilkie
As the democracy reporter for WITF, I will cover any kind of story that has to do with how we govern ourselves. That will include doing a lot of election coverage about how to access the ballot, how public officials administer elections, the technology used to run and secure elections, and the laws that govern it all.

My work will also include accountability coverage for elected officials that use their positions to then undermine democratic institutions, like the legislators that voted against the certification of the presidential election results on January 6, 2021. If that weren’t enough, I foresee covering some local government decisions, fights over public records and transparency, and some candidate coverage in 2024. Many stories can have a “democracy frame” meant to help us all understand how our governments work and how we can shape them.

I’m most looking forward to the community reporting about which WITF is passionate. I’ll be talking to a lot of folks about what they want out of their governments, local to national, and how they want to make their visions reality. I’m excited to meet you and talk, with or without a microphone on hand.

I also like to turn my work phone off. When I do that, I’m looking for rocks to climb, trails to run on (slower and slower, somehow), and new places to visit. I’ve lived in the (extended) South for most of my life, so y’all will hear me say things funny and sometimes my hearing is funny, too, so we’ll figure out this radio thing together.

Latest by Jordan Wilkie

Redesigned mail-in, absentee ballot materials in Pa. arriving in voters’ mailboxes soon

Counties must start sending mail-in and absentee ballots out today, many have already started
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Drop boxes added as Dauphin County starts sending out mail-in ballots

Mail-in ballots will hit voters’ homes as early as today in Dauphin County.

By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Voters set priorities at Pa. District 10 candidate forum

Voter concerns given priority in forum with Democratic candidates seeking to replace Republican incumbent Scott Perry
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

ACLU sues Central Pa. county over election transparency

York County limits access to view vote counting process to political appointee watchers
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Federal prison time for Pennsylvania man at Capitol on January 6, 2021

Cameron Hess impeded officers as they tried to clear the U.S. Capitol of rioters
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Another York County school retains Christian law firm known for suing other districts

Independence Law Center will consult with Dover School District on policies and “provide legal representation for student records, athletics, and privacy policies”
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Pa. mail ballot fight in U.S. Court of Appeals

Years of litigation and tax dollars later, officials are still asking if putting the correct date on a by-mail ballot matters.
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF

Pa. brothers arrested for January 6 assault on officers at Capitol

The brothers walked with Trump supporters to the Capitol before wrestling with, spraying chemicals at, and throwing a chair at police officers.
By Jordan Wilkie/WITF