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Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Danielle is an investigative reporter covering the Capitol for Spotlight PA. She previously worked at The Capital Gazette in Annapolis, where she won a Pulitzer Prize special citation with her newsroom for covering the mass shooting of her own colleagues. She worked with ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network investigating thousands of lawsuits filed by the Annapolis housing authority against tenants. With The Capital, she covered city hall, the U.S. Naval Academy and the COVID-19 pandemic. She is an avid home cook, plant mom and will gladly take pie recipes alongside news tips.

Latest by Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

State advisory committee releases plan for historic public defense money

The committee announced the plan for how counties of all sizes will be able to request their portion of the historic $7.5 million investment of state money.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Opioid settlement cash a boon to Pa. prosecutors but public defenders are being turned away

County district attorneys are in line for millions of dollars, but under-resourced public defenders say they’ve been sidelined.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA and Ed Mahon/Spotlight PA

Study: Police behind on adopting new use-of-force rules

The Bucks County branch of the NAACP spent three years examining the policies of the 39 police departments in the area. What their findings say about policing oversight in Pennsylvania.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Three years ago, a police officer killed Christian Hall. Now, the legislature will study the role of 911 in mental health emergencies.

The study will look for ways for emergency dispatchers to send crisis responders through the 911 system in response to mental health emergencies.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

A mix of reform-minded and tough-on-crime justice bills are now law in Pa.

Pa. Gov. Shapiro has signed a sweeping mix of criminal justice bills, which include probation changes and a measure cracking down on Philly transit crimes.
By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA and Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

A dying man won release from prison after Spotlight PA highlighted his case. It shouldn’t be that hard, advocates say.

Data shows fewer than 50 people were released in the last 14 years under the current compassionate release law.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Jailbreaks in Pennsylvania are not as common as recent events imply

A Spotlight PA analysis of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections data reveals jailbreaks aren’t as common as recent high-profile examples imply.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania removes email database of public employees

The public can no longer use an online search of public employee emails after the state removed it due to security concerns.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Gov. Josh Shapiro refuses to intervene on Pa. police officer data disclosure

A coalition of newsrooms requested Pennsylvania’s database of police officers, but officials denied the info, citing safety concerns for undercover officers.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

Why some say an effort to fix Pa.’s outdated probation law does more harm than good

Pennsylvania's probation system can trap people in yearslong cycles of monitoring and incarceration for noncriminal violations.
By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA