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Ben Wasserstein

Ben Wasserstein is the Capitol Bureau Chief for WITF. He previously worked for The Post and Courier, Richmond Magazine in Virginia and City and State NY.

Latest by Ben Wasserstein

Republican Rep. Paul Schemel reflects on political career after announcing he won’t seek re-election

The Republican representative has been in office since 2015 but is stepping aside so new blood can join the state legislature.
By Ben Wasserstein

Gov. Josh Shapiro lowers barrier to entry for Pennsylvania State Police Academy

The college credit requirement to enter the Pennsylvania State Police Academy is no longer needed.
By Ben Wasserstein

Pa. legislators work to add suicide awareness information to state parks and forests

Since 2010, 164 suicides have occurred at state parks and forests, according to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

By Ben Wasserstein

Pa. legislators look to rein in AI in health insurance claims

The use of artificial intelligence has expanded, and insurance companies are now using algorithms to quickly assess claims.
By Ben Wasserstein

Pa. Senate to return August 30

The state Senate is returning to Harrisburg ahead of its previously scheduled return of September 18.
By Ben Wasserstein

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate hits record low

The state's unemployment fell to the lowest it has been in at least 47 years
By Ben Wasserstein

Pa. legislators look to move 2024 primary for Passover

The 2024 primary is eight months away, but both Republican and Democratic politicians are looking to move the date a few weeks earlier.
By Ben Wasserstein

Updated: August 16, 2023 | 2:16 pm

Pennsylvania’s Task Force 1 members deployed to Maui amid wildfires

For more than a week, Maui has been enduring devastating wildfires, which now rank among the deadliest in United States history
By Ben Wasserstein