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Alan was all set on majoring in biology, but then he realized he liked writing about science more than doing research, so he left Hong Kong and went to study journalism in the U.S. After interning at NPR and WBEZ in Chicago, he has never wanted to work anywhere outside of public radio. He covers space and all other kinds of innovation. He enjoys comic books, LEGO, and dragon boating.

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Philadelphia working with Penn microbiologists to check for coronavirus variant

It’s hard to tell if there are more of these cases in this country because the U.S. is not doing enough of the sequencing to check for the variant.

By Alan Yu/WHYY

Why did gyms have to close for a month in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania?

Those who own gyms, and people who go to them, wonder why they had to shut down to begin with.

By Alan Yu/WHYY

Pa. coronavirus recovery: All large events in Philly canceled for six months

Philadelphia reported 148 new cases on Tuesday for a total of 27,723.
By Alan Yu/WHYY