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Experience a Russian Tale with War and Peace on PASSPORT

Explore Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel War and Peace. Watch as three young people experience life, love, and loss against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars.

Episode 1 of War and Peace  finds Napoleon’s army marching towards Russia as Pierre Bezukhov visits his ailing father. While he is racked with worry, his family schemes to disinherit him. Meanwhile, Prince Andrey Bolkonsky prepares for war, leaving his wife.

The beloved and celebrated novel, War and Peace, was published as Voyna i mir in 1865-69 as a study of 19th century Russian society by Leo Tolstoy. The work is regarded as a master in Russian literature due to its realistic details and psychological analysis. The novel begins in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1805 as anxiety over Napoleon’s possible invasion hangs in the air. The main characters include: Pierre Bezukhov, Andrey Bolkonsky, and the Kuragin and Rostov families, with much of the novel highlighting the dynamics between the Bezukhovs, Bolkonskys, and Rostovs. Tolstoy depicts characters from different backgrounds, from peasants and nobility to civilians and soldiers, each struggles through issues specific to their time period, history, and culture. As they novel progresses, each character transform into the most relatable characters in literary history.

Tune in to experience the live-action adaptation of one of history’s most important novels.

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