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Help shape election coverage in Pennsylvania

A sign urging people to

 Amanda Berg / For Spotlight PA

A sign urging people to "vote here" on Election Day 2022.

This year, Pennsylvanians will vote on candidates for school boards, borough councils, township boards, county row offices and judges.

But before you head to the polls Nov. 7, WITF wants to know what issues are important to you. 

We were part of the Democracy SOS program — where we learned things that will become part of our journalism DNA:

  • Put voters at the center of your coverage.
  • Don’t focus on which candidate they support.
  • Ask what issues they want to be addressed.
  • Don’t breathlessly cover poll results or political rallies.

And with support from America Amplified, a national collaboration dedicated to community engagement reporting, we found many ways to talk to people about what they want candidates to be talking about – and what questions they had about the voting process.

Our  mission statement — our promise to you — on how we will do this better, is:

WITF’s political coverage will be biased toward two things: Democracy and facts. We pledge to put you, the voter, first — by engaging with you about issues important to your community and shining a light on them.

We will be transparent and make decisions thoughtfully.

We will avoid horse race analysis, whataboutism, both sider-ism, bad faith actors and spreaders of misinformation/disinformation.

We pledge to speak truth to power and follow the facts wherever they go.

Let us know what you – the voter – believe are the important issues and help us shape our election coverage.



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