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What you need to know about WITF’s new partnership with LNP | LancasterOnline

  • Robby Brod

LNP, one of the largest newspapers in Pennsylvania, will become a subsidiary of WITF after being donated by the Steinman family – who owned and operated Lancaster’s daily newspaper for more than 150 years. 

This move is expected to strengthen WITF’s news coverage and community outreach, and also raises questions about the future of both organizations.

What is included in the deal?

The new organization will include:

  • Lancaster County’s daily newspaper, LNP.
  • LancasterOnline, LNP’s news website.
  • Two weekly newspapers: Lititz Record-Express and The Ephrata Review.
  • The Caucus, a publication that focuses on Pennsylvania state government accountability journalism.
  • A public radio station with regional news and NPR programming.
  • A public television station with locally produced and PBS programming.
  • The Morning Agenda daily news podcast.
  • The Spark radio program.

LNP Media Group will retain its printing press operation and weekly agriculture publication, Lancaster Farming.

How does this affect each organization?

The transaction is intended to create a new model for local news, community education, and civic engagement in central Pennsylvania. The partnership is designed to leverage WITF’s public broadcasting expertise with LNP’s extensive news reporting abilities and deep roots in Lancaster.

Will there be any changes in the news coverage of LNP | LancasterOnline after the acquisition by WITF?

WITF’s president and CEO Ron Hetrick said there are no plans to change LNP or WITF’s editorial policies or news coverage. LNP and its website will continue to operate as a separate entity, and its editorial independence will be maintained.

How will this affect employees? Will there be layoffs?

There are no plans for layoffs or changes in the employment structure. Employees will remain with their respective organizations.

What benefits can the community expect?

The new model is expected to increase news coverage and community outreach, as well as expand educational programs and civic engagement forums.

With support from The Steinman Foundation, WITF is establishing The Steinman Institute for Civic Engagement. The Institute will support local journalism and community-focused education initiatives and provide training opportunities for journalists.

Together, they plan to create a more comprehensive and effective media outlet that finds new ways to serve the community.

How will this affect subscription fees or advertising rates?

Financial details have yet to be revealed, but Hetrick and Krasne said there will be no impact on subscription fees or advertising rates.

LNP | LancasterOnline will maintain its existing business models.

Meanwhile, LNP Media Group is pledging to become more environmentally friendly as it transitions into a Pennsylvania benefit corporation, which obligates the group to prioritize its social and environmental impact.

The B Corp certification is overseen by B Lab, a non-profit organization that promotes ethical and sustainable business practices.

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Support for WITF is provided by:

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