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Lovejoy: Stream This Throwback with WITF Passport

  • Christina Zeiders

In the secretive and shadowy world of English antiques, there’s no one quite like Lovejoy, a loveable rogue and antique dealer with a talent for spotting hidden treasures. If there’s a bargain to be had, Lovejoy will sense it. If a deal goes down, Lovejoy will want a piece of the action.

If you’re a victim of deception, injustice, and deceit – Lovejoy will see you right.

Season one of Lovejoy is available to stream now with your WITF Passport login and the PBS Video app.

In this first season, Lovejoy takes on a new assistant, Eric. He also runs into Lady Jane Felsham for the first time, and the two quickly build up a bond disrupted only by the mystery around a Japanese firefly cage and her husband, Lord Alexander.

Stream season one of Lovejoy now with your WITF Passport login and the PBS Video app. If you’re not a WITF Passport member, become one by starting a monthly donation of at least $5 or by making an annual donation of at least $60.

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