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“Freedom Readers” seek to educate on banned or challenged books

  • Scott LaMar

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Airdate: May 24, 2022

Many school boards across the country – including in central Pennsylvania – have been called on to take certain books out of school libraries.

Often, the complaints are that the books are obscene with too much sex, the books contain stories of same-sex relationships or that they promote racial stereotypes or are critical of a race.

Some of the books that are called into question are considered classics.

When the book Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was challenged in Elizabethtown, a group of women formed Freedom Readers – a club to read banned books and eventually provide reviews or summaries on their Facebook page.

Freedom Readers Judi Grove, former teacher Liz Lewis and former school principal and administrator Becky Hostetler join us on Wednesday’s Smart Talk.

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