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Central Pennsylvania organization aiding Ukrainian refugees living with disabilities

Keystone Human Services has branch in Moldovia

  • Scott LaMar


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Airdate: Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Keystone Human Services, which was born in Central Pennsylvania 50 years ago, has worked to support people living with disabilities, autism and mental health conditions. Now the organization is helping Ukrainian refugees with disabilities.

Keystone Human Services has a branch office in Moldova — just across the border from Ukraine, where its employees heard bombs exploding in Ukraine. More than 420,000 Ukrainians have fled to Moldova since the war started in late February. Many of them are living with a disability.

Keystone says “We’re looking to people’s immediate needs today, tomorrow, next week—food, shelter, other supplies. We’re also looking at what people will need in the years to come as they rebuild their lives.”

Keystone Human Services President/CEO, Charles J. Hooker is in our studios for Smart Talk Wednesday to discuss what the organization is doing to support Ukrainian refugees living with disabilities.



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