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#FixHarrisburg aims to change how Pennsylvania legislature works (or doesn’t)

  • Scott LaMar

 Scott LaMar

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Airdate: Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Pennsylvania’s General Assembly has sometimes been described as “top heavy” meaning leaders in the four legislative caucuses wield much more power than leaders in other states’ governing bodies. Leadership for Republicans and Democrats in the State House of Representatives and Senate control what bills or proposals are approved by legislative committees to even be considered by their full respective legislatures. Most never make it out of committee in Pennsylvania so individual lawmakers, representing millions of Pennsylvanians, never get the opportunity to vote on proposed bills.

A new reform campaign is looking to change that.

It’s called #FixHarrisburg. Seven different good government non-profit organizations, led by Fair Districts PA and the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters kicked off the campaign last week with an eye on changing rules and the procedures in the legislature that they say will result in more bipartisanship and government that is more responsive to the people.

Carol Kuniholm, the Chair of Fair Districts PA and Meg Pierce, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters appear on Tuesday’s Smart Talk to address plans for reform.

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