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HIV/AIDS having larger impact in Black community

  • Scott LaMar
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Airdate: Tuesday, February 15, 2022

HIV/AIDS can impact anyone, but Black or African American communities are more affected than others.

In 2018, Black community members represented 42% of new HIV diagnoses and 41% of overall people living with HIV. In Pennsylvania, the number of Black people living with HIV jumps to 47%, according to AIDSVu. While Black men make up the highest number of new HIV diagnoses, with 79% of transmission happening from sexual contact there are also disparities for Black women, as the rate of new infections is 13 times that of white women and four times that of Latina women.

HIV/AIDS doesn’t get the kind of attention it once did, especially since treatments to help those infected live full and healthier lives were developed. That could be one of the reasons more people don’t get tested for HIV and know the treatment options.

We’ll learn more on Tuesday’s Smart Talk from Brice Williams, part of UPMC’s REACCH Program through a project called, GLO-Harrisburg and Anthony Hall, Community Engagement Specialist, GLO-Harrisburg.


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