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Smart Talk: A fat tongue and its affect on sleep

Tired and annoyed woman of her boyfriend snoring in the bed


Tired and annoyed woman of her boyfriend snoring in the bed

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If you were to conduct a web search on how to get a good nights sleep, you’ll get back literally millions of hits. There are tips and suggestions ranging from the proper temperature of the bedroom to limiting screen time, cutting mid-day naps and avoiding caffeine.

There is certainly plenty of wide-ranging advice out there to steer a nation of insomniacs toward the elusive restful night’s sleep. But one solution may be closer to home — inside of your mouth.

Sleep experts at the University of Pennsylvania evaluate and diagnose many different conditions impacting sleep, one of which is sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea is marked by abnormal breathing during sleep and is one of the most common sleep disorders. A recent study led by University of Pennsylvania researchers suggests that losing weight can reduce or cure the condition.

Dr. Richard Schwab, MD, is the Chief of Sleep Medicine at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine and he joins Smart Talk Monday to explain how a fat tongue and weight loss plays a role.

Pa renters and owners lose access to safety net

Housing advocates unsuccessfully petitioned the Governor and state legislature for months to extend the temporary moratorium on evictions that expired on September 1.  A federal order through the end of the year banned most evictions, stalling what many fear is a future wave of homelessness as it expires.

A recent Spotlight PA investigative report found that more than half of the Federal CARES dollars earmarked to help both Pennsylvania tenants and homeowners was not distributed because it was too difficult to access.

Charlotte Keith is an investigative reporter with Spotlight PA and she joins Smart Talk Monday to discuss what caused the funding problems.

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