Smart Talk: Leadership lessons from Gettysburg

Author Jeffrey McCausland, Ph.D., shares insights from new book

The battle of Gettysburg was fought more than 150 years ago, yet it still offers enduring lessons in military strategy, decision making, and leadership.

Military strategists and educators have studied the battle, and others, as a way to understand the context and complexities the leaders faced during a period of enormous stress and consequence. The lessons learned from dissecting their actions in a battle fought so many years ago can be quite valuable to leaders in the military, and civilian organizations, today.

Retired Army Col. Jeffrey McCausland, Ph.D., visiting Professor of International Security at Dickinson College, co-authored a book with Tom Vossler called “Battle Tested: Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 21st Century Leaders.” McCausland joins Smart Talk Wednesday, Veterans Day, to share the insights gathered from their analysis.

US Army Heritage and Education Center spotlights the Persian Gulf War veteran’s experience

Over 30 years ago the country of Iraq invaded Kuwait, their neighbor to the south and home to eight percent of the world’s oil reserves.

The U.S. responded quickly by assembling a coalition of 35 nations and deploying over a half-a-million servicemen and women to the region as part of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

In recognition of the veterans and the Persian Gulf War, the US Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) in Carlisle opened its newest exhibit, “This Will Not Stand: The U.S. Army’s Road to Victory during the Persian Gulf.

Molly A. Bompane is the Curator of Arms and Ordnance with USAHEC and she joins Smart Talk Wednesday, along with Retired Army COL Geoff Mangelsdorf, USAHEC Director to talk about the exhibit and new initiatives along USAHEC’s outdoor Heritage Trail.




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