Smart Talk Friday: Heidelbaugh for Attorney General and EPA sued over Pa. not meeting Chesapeake cleanup goals

WITF’s Election 2020 coverage on Smart Talk continues Friday with a candidate running for statewide office.

Heather Heidelbaugh is a Republican running for Pennsylvania Attorney General. The Pittsburgh-area attorney is on the ballot with incumbent Democrat Josh Shapiro, Libertarian Daniel Wassmer, and Green Party candidate Richard Weiss.

Conversations with candidates are designed to give voters an opportunity to hear where candidates stand on the issues before this fall’s election.

Also, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and others are suing the federal Environmental Protection Agency saying EPA failed to require Pennsylvania and New York to develop plans to reduce pollution in the bay under two agreements.

According to CBF, Pennsylvania’s plan to meet the 2025 goals in the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint contains improvements over past plans. However, it says the state will meet less than 75 percent of its 31 million-pound nitrogen-reduction commitment, and the plan is underfunded by more than $300 million dollars a year.

The Susquehanna River that runs through Pennsylvania is the largest source of fresh water that empties into the bay.

Appearing on Friday’s Smart Talk to explain the court action is Chesapeake Bay foundation President William Baker.

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