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Find It, Fix It, Drive It

Automotive restorers fix up beautiful antique vehicles

  • Fred Vigeant

This spring WITF presents a new series following Antiques Roadshow on Mondays.  Join us for Find It, Fix It, Drive It as we follow Henry Cole and Sam Lovegrove who put their love of car restoration to the test, and on the road. The two must locate, buy, restore, and ultimately use an iconic vehicle.

Each episode of the series starts with Henry and Sam rummaging to find their chosen vehicle for the restoration challenge. The selection includes a 1928 boat tail Wolseley racer, a WWII sidecar motorcycle, a ‘50s tractor, and a ‘70s chopper reminiscent of Easy Rider.

As they labor through the restoration process, Henry and Sam can’t help themselves from reflecting on the history of each vehicle, with plenty of time for competitive banter between the two eccentric hosts. When they are satisfied with their efforts, the hosts test out their restored vehicles on the open road, whether it’s traversing the hills of Wales or roaring through the legendary Brooklands Race Track. Each episode of the series offers an in-depth, and often satirical, journey into the world of automotive restoration.

Catch Henry and Sam Mondays at 9pm with Find It, Fix It, Drive It on WITF. This program is not available via WITF Passport.

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Support for WITF is provided by:

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