A Place to Call Home returns to WITF

Season 3 begins September 19

  • Fred Vigeant

Brimming with passion, romance, and intrigue, the Australian drama A Place to Call Home explores the ties that hold families together – and the betrayals that can tear them apart.

In Season 3 this fall, the residents of Inverness find themselves facing both internal and external threats to their way of life, and previous relationships are tested as secrets are revealed.

Sarah’s dilemma, between her feelings for George and her duty to her husband Rene, is exacerbated by a heartbreaking secret.

James and Olivia’s relationship is under pressure when the true parentage of baby George is threatened with exposure.

Elizabeth Bligh’s decision to leave Ash Park to explore a life of her own proves more difficult than she thought. Anna and Gino face the difference between the fairytale romance and the reality of married life.

Independent lovers Carolyn and Jack try to move closer to a commitment.

Through it all, Regina’s manipulative behavior weaves an impenetrable web around George. In the sleepy village of Inverness, sex, death and secrets are never far below the surface.

Join us for the third season A Place to Call Home Thursdays at 9:00pm beginning September 19 on WITF.


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