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  • Joe Ulrich
WITF Music

What to look for on Smart Talk Friday, December 16:

From time to time, WITF invites musicians to the station to perform and sit for interviews which turn into multimedia features that appear on radio and the web. But these features were sporadic. In the past year I kept looking at our performance studio and thinking about our capabilities. With our audio and video gear, and with a vibrant Central PA music scene, I wanted to utilize it all to create a series that used all forms of media to showcase musicians and their stories.

That’s how the series WITF Music began.

Each musician or band we feature gets the full multimedia treatment. They come to the Public Media Center in Harrisburg and perform 3-4 songs and sit for an interview. We do a multitrack audio recording, a video shoot and a photo shoot of the performance. The resulting media gets compiled into a few different products: a four-minute radio feature, YouTube videos, a collection of photos and a web article that ties it all together. Each of these elements can exist on its own as a product to be shared on radio and the web.

Today’s Smart Talk will feature a handful of interviews and performances we’ve collected during WITF Music’s first year, including appearances by Rivers, Apes of the State, Shine Delphi, Shawan and the Wonton, and THT GRL.

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