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What is WITF Kids Club?

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The WITF Kids Club was created for families who want to celebrate quality educational programming and enrich the lives of their children. We all know that children don't just "watch" television, they get involved. They want to interact with the characters on the screen, they repeat things that they hear and they love to act out what they see.

Children's programs on WITF TV like Clifford, Curious George, Cat in the Hat and Sid the Science Kid offer a safe place for all children to learn and grow in their education journey. The WITF Kids Club offers children the opportunity to feel like they're a part of those special programs, from seeing their name on the TV screen during the week of their birthday to having exclusive opportunities to meet and greet their favorite PBS Kids characters!

family-in-suv.jpgHow do I enroll my kids in the WITF Kids Club?

Click here to enroll online.

What ages are the children in WITF Kids Club?

Children of any age benefit from membership in WITF Kids Club. However, for the most part, children ages 3-10 tend to enjoy the programs most.

How will I know about events and special offers for my children?

clifford-event.jpgWITF uses email to send event announcements and keep you up-to-date on new resources and  upcoming opportunities. An email address must be provided during registration as the majority of correspondence for the WITF Kids Club will be through email. Easy for you and great for our planet!

What are the benefits of joining the WITF Kids Club?

The WITF Kids Club gives children the chance to connect with their favorite PBS Kids characters. Families will receive notices for upcoming events, opportunities, and new programs.

Your family can look forward to:

How much will the Kids Club Cost?

Membership is just $8/month per family. Thanks to our gracious sponsors, membership proceeds support the programs that your children love to watch every day!

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Support for WITF is provided by:

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Support for WITF is provided by:

Become a WITF sponsor today »