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Sunshine anyone?

Written by Ann Elia Stewart, Community Blogger | Jan 28, 2013 4:08 PM

First entry of the new year.

Today's a "snow" day. But where is the snow? From my office/studio window I see: a roof dusted with sugar. Naked branches of a mighty maple looking like icing on a broken oreo. Rain tears. Closed front doors. Christmas deer camouflaged in snow. Branches of lace breaking up 


Like --

Dirty dishwater. Flannel. My cat, Benny. A soul in original sin. (Look up your catechism.) Or is it venal? Certainly not mortal. A coated tongue when you're getting sick. Eowyn's battle-fatigued smock. The ocean right before a storm. The new color of appliances. The perimeter of my Otter box. Perpetual twilight. Thoughts in my brain right now. Oatmeal mixed with frozen blueberries. An empty nest (aviary and human). Colonial Williamsburg. Wet newspaper. Unpolished silver. The new vanilla. The stick after you ate the corndog. Zoos. Kennels. OPI's Berlin There Done That. London (not like I'd know or anything. a gray observation, no substance). Smudges on a white keyboard. One foot in front of the other in slow motion. Casablanca without the radiance of Ingrid Bergman. Morning after you forget to take off your makeup. 5 am. Manuscripts that need to be read. Ragg wool. The clutter in our garage (you just don't see it after a while). Dust bunnies. State cars. Second place. Winters in Central Pennsylvania. 

That was fun. 

Analogies welcomed.

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  • lukashik img 2016-04-27 10:30

    Just remember these lines:

    The snow, then rain, then sun Shine
    Among the masses of grey clouds...
    Leaves fall into the unknown,
    Foliage shots your way...

    The branches of trees lonely
    Sad: the festival is over
    Flying leaves and smiles
    And the colors of autumn... A pity...

    Everything was nice: Indian summer,
    Your warm rough lips,
    The misty pre-dawn morning
    And the long-awaited sun... showbox

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