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What are some of the challenges new parents face when going back to work and how can they overcome them?

Returning to work has been known to be difficult for new parents for a wide variety of reasons: lack of sleep, implicit biases that new parents face, finding the time and space to pump breast milk, postpartum, hormonal changes, separation anxiety and guilt, getting back in the swing of work duties and schedules, and so much more.

By Aniya Faulcon

Pennsylvania workforce shrinks as more people homeschool children and care for elderly parents

Remote learning and elder care appear to explain why thousands of Pennsylvania residents have exited the labor force during the pandemic.

By An-Li Herring/WESA

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Latino groups push for bilingual trade schools in smaller Central Pennsylvania cities

A 40-year-old Latino organization in Lancaster is a model to help growing communities.
By Anthony Orozco

Wolf says he anticipates bipartisanship on workforce-strengthening plan

However, the governor says he’s much less sure about his longtime push to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.
By Katie Meyer

Could Erie County become home to Pa.’s 15th community college? Gov. Wolf supports it

But the top-ranking Republican in the Senate is opposed
By Ed Mahon