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WITF Music: Sir Dominique Jordan

Community, creativity, integrity, responsibility.
By Joe Ulrich

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WITF Music: Big Fat Meanies

Rock. Ska. Metal. SpongeBob.

By Joe Ulrich

Ephrata library, zeroed out in Akron borough’s budget, gets public support at council meeting

One councilman had questioned library funding because the organization didn’t align with ‘conservative values.’ Other council members said the decision was financial.

By Gabriela Martínez

Pennsylvania boosts carbon capture research with investment in state geological survey

Pennsylvania core samples have a lot of value for researchers now looking for the best places to inject carbon dioxide, so it can’t reach the atmosphere.

By Rachel McDevitt

Climate change prompts Pa. farmers to adapt crops and businesses

As the climate changes and brings more risks to the traditional farming schedule, farmers are looking for ways to make sure their crops survive.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pennsylvania Latinos welcome economic development, weary of gentrification

Latino voters want prosperity where they live and they want to be included.

By Anthony Orozco

In Pa. county jails, people with mental illness are routinely met with pepper spray and stun guns

A WITF investigation finds that Pennsylvania county corrections officers use physical force on people who may be unable to comply with orders due to a mental health condition.

By Brett Sholtis

In Pa., climate change can increase flooding risk in places that rarely worried about it. This community is seeking solutions

The intense storms that cause flash floods are likely to become more common in Pennsylvania with climate change, and they’re happening outside historical floodplains.

By Rachel McDevitt