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WITF Music: Autumn Sky Hall

Folk singer Autumn Sky Hall talks inspiration and music as her safe space.
By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: RalphReal & The Family Jam

Funk, the impact of Black American music and roller-skating.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: 25th Hour

Fitting music, work and life into 24 hours.
By Joe Ulrich

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Study finds radioactive materials in Pa. waterways near treatment plants linked with fracking waste

Over 30 landfills in the state accept fracking waste like drill cuttings.

By Reid Frazier

WITF Music: Michael Curry

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Benjamin Vo Blues Band

Catching the blues, classical influences and building guitars.
By Joe Ulrich

Harrisburg paid off big debt early; what’s next for the city?

Harrisburg became debt-free in March, when it made its last $8.3 million payment to bond insurer AMBAC. In September 2022, the city finished paying off a $125.6 million debt dating back to the Reed Administration in 1997.

By Gabriela Martínez