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Canada: Surviving the Wild North

Travel through Canada’s Arctic to discover how polar bears, coastal wolves, lynxes, and more survive in the North. Timing and seizing opportunity is a matter of life and death in this wild, rugged outpost.

By Christina Zeiders

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NATURE Returns for its 41st Season

The season begins with “Running with the Beest,” which showcases the Great Migration in East Africa – a migration so big it can be seen from space.

By Christina Zeiders

What is rabies and how can one protect themselves and animals from it?

Aliza Simeone, Veterinary Medical Field Officer for the PA Dept. of Agriculture said, rabies is a virus that can infect mammals and can spread in their saliva and get it into other animals by biting or getting their saliva into a fresh, open wound or mucous membranes like the eyes.

By Aniya Faulcon

Pennsylvanians need to watch out for ticks

Pennsylvania has one of the highest incidences of Lyme disease in the country.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

It’s not ketchup packets falling from the sky, it’s rabies vaccine

The USDA says its goal is to push rabies back east until it’s fully eradicated.

By Sarah Boden/WESA