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Nation’s labor chief joins picketers at Kellogg near Lancaster

Secretary Walsh said he and Biden stand for union workers’ right to bargain.

By Anthony Orozco

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Wolf says he anticipates bipartisanship on workforce-strengthening plan

However, the governor says he’s much less sure about his longtime push to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.
By Katie Meyer/WITF

Some farmers are having trouble budgeting money from a new state grant

Pennsylvania’s Agriculture Secretary says several grant recipients were taken by surprise that they had to pay contracted workers prevailing wages.
By Katie Meyer/WITF

PA AG says Trump’s tipped wage proposal could take money from workers

The proposed Department of Labor rule notes that it could allow employers to save some money by letting tipped and non-tipped workers pool their pay.
By Katie Meyer/WITF

The new minimum wage fight, basically the same as the old fight

The lawmakers and activists who want to raise Pa.'s $7.25 minimum say they’re “deflated” but regrouping after failing to push higher wages into the state budget.
By Katie Meyer/WITF

Wages increased across Pa. in 2018, but the benefits aren’t reaching everyone

The latest jobs report from the Keystone Research Center finds the unemployment rate for black Pennsylvanians is more than twice that of their white counterparts.
By Kathleen Davis/WESA