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“Full-scale catastrophe”: Pennsylvania emergency services implore state for urgent help

Without state-level fixes, police, fire and EMS experts say fewer Pennsylvanians will get help when they need it.
By Sam Dunklau

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Talk of a tax increase is driving a wedge between leaders of a growing Pa. township and its fire company

With costs rising and donations down, more volunteer fire companies are turning to public support — and facing questions about transparency.
By Min Xian/SpotlightPA

House moves to exempt volunteer fire companies from open records requests

The decision, which prompted debate Tuesday, is part of an effort to bolster struggling first-responders.
By Katie Meyer/WITF

‘Archaic’ laws are preventing Pennsylvania firefighters from accessing millions in state aid

Harrisburg fire chief Brian Enterline called the current laws “archaic,” adding that in the last 40 years, firefighters’ jobs have not gotten easier, nor have workloads gotten lighter. And the state relief association money can’t be used to entice potential paid firefighters. 

By Sarah Kovash/WESA