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Symptoms aren’t just ‘in people’s heads’: Clinic helps COVID-19 long-haulers recover

More than 200 people have been treated at the UPMC Post COVID-19 Recovery Clinic since it opened last year.

By Maria Scapellato/WESA

Despite new Pa. guidelines, limited supply will prevent many who qualify from getting COVID vaccine

Western Pennsylvania’s two largest medical systems both say that despite the state’s new COVID vaccination guidelines, their ability to vaccinate patients is extremely finite.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

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UPMC inoculates remote employees, while other frontline workers wait for COVID-19 vaccine

The state’s largest health care system has been vaccinating non-clinical and non-patient facing staff, including those who work at home, employees say.

By Sarah Boden/WESA, Kiley Koscinski/WESA and Liz Reid/WESA

ICU nurse says UPMC leaders paint inaccurate depiction of COVID’s impact on hospital system

“There’s no time in between each death to kind of collect yourself and mourn for that person,” said Jodi Faltin, who cares for COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit at UPMC Shadyside.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

UPMC says its hospitals are, ‘busy, but not overwhelmed’

The health care systems picture of the pandemic in Pennsylvania is far more optimistic than the one painted by state officials Monday.

By Kiley Koscinski/WESA

As COVID-19 illness surges, Pennsylvania’s largest medical system says it’s prepared

UPMC says it has been preparing for months.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

UPMC reports recent COVID-19 patients are having better outcomes than earlier in pandemic

Pennsylvania’s largest medical system reports that patients are spending less time in the hospital, are less likely to need intensive care or be put on ventilators, and are less likely to die.

By Sarah Boden/WESA