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Pennsylvania payrolls up, jobless rate down in February

The gap between Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate and the national rate is among the widest it has been in decades.

By The Associated Press

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Part of Pennsylvania’s persistent Unemployment Compensation backlog? Not enough workers

More than two years after the first pandemic-related business shutdowns, tens of thousands of unemployment claims continue to plague Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system.

By Kate Giammarise/WESA

Pennsylvania logs the lowest layoff rate in the country as employers fight to hold on to workers

“That’s a remarkable number. We had never seen a number like that … in any state across the nation.”

By An-Li Herring/WESA

Pennsylvania payrolls grew in December amid labor shortage

Pennsylvania’s payrolls grew again in December as the unemployment rate fell for the 10th straight month.

By The Associated Press

Unemployment fraud problems continue for state, laid-off claimants in Pennsylvania

440,000 unemployment claims have been flagged as potentially fraudulent between when its new computer system went online last summer and the end of 2021.
By Kate Giammarise/WESA

Payrolls grow, but Pennsylvania’s labor force shrinks again

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate fell for the ninth month in a row and payrolls grew again in November, but the labor force shrank.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania’s jobless rate drops for 8th straight month

In a separate survey of employers, payrolls in Pennsylvania grew in October by 19,000, to closer to 5.8 million.

By The Associated Press