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What is applied theatre and how can people benefit from it? Philadelphia theater professor provides insight

On The Spark Tuesday, we sparked conversation about an art form that many may not know about, applied theatre.

By Aniya Faulcon

A Lancaster County art school brings Art Recess back

Art Recess, which started in 2019 prior to a brief hiatus due to COVID-19, provides adults with two and a half hours to work an art project of their own or an assigned art project while enjoying their packed lunch.

By Aniya Faulcon

Middletown Public Library hosts pet therapy reading program

Middletown Public Library has partnered with Caring Hearts Pet Therapy to present a program that encourages the love for reading and provides therapy from a furry friend.

By Aniya Faulcon

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Updated: 2022-03-11 09:40:00

Psychedelic therapy integral to ancient societies may be coming to Pennsylvania

A Berks-based advocate sees potential for more Black and Latino participation in studies and therapy.
By Anthony Orozco

Thousands of Pa. children with autism are set to lose access to services in mid January

A change at the state level is blocking funding for a type of one-on-one therapy when conducted at clinics rather than in the home.
By Brett Sholtis

‘Feeling is healing’: Mental health summit in Olney uses hip-hop as therapy

“Trauma is something that takes a toll on you."
By Emily Scott/WHYY