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5 Pennsylvania newsrooms fighting alleged First Amendment violations in York County

5 Pennsylvania newsrooms filed a federal civil rights lawsuit that seeks to end the York County Clerk of Courts practice of reviewing and redacting records before they are released to the public.

By Jamie Martines/Spotlight PA

Judge advances lawsuit against Berks County over plans for immigrant detention center

Civic groups and community members say the county should have shared more information and allowed public comment on plans for the Berks Family Residential Center.

By Anthony Orozco

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From conference calls to Zoom, local governments employ range of approaches to public meetings during pandemic

Digital divide remains a major challenge in some parts of Pennsylvania
By Benjamin Pontz/PA Post

Updated: 2020-04-07 16:36:00

Legislature moves forward with bill permitting remote meetings during emergencies

Local governments across the state urged steps to clarify rules during emergency situations like the coronavirus outbreak
By Benjamin Pontz/PA Post

Local governments still seeking guidance on open meetings rules amid coronavirus outbreak

"This is uncharted territory because this emergency order...involves social distancing directives, and, in a growing number of counties, it involves stay-at-home orders."
By Benjamin Pontz/PA Post