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New power plant emission rules and RGGI go into effect in Pa.

As of last Friday, Pennsylvania’s coal and natural gas power plants will pay for each ton of carbon dioxide they release in an effort to curb greenhouse gases

By Scott LaMar/WITF

What’s the future hold with more electric vehicles on Pa. roads?

Much has to be done to make electric vehicles a reliable and convenient form of transportation.

By Scott LaMar/WITF

Penn State study says Pa. could see more flooding due to climate change

WITF’s StateImpact Pennsylvania reports most communities across Pennsylvania will likely face higher flood risks by the end of the century due to climate change.

By Scott LaMar/WITF

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Environmental group takes lawmakers to court for money meant for conservation efforts

Environmental group hopes to build on earlier court victories to get the state to return more than $1 billion to a conservation fund.

By Staff

Smart Talk: Preventing child abuse hinges on trained observers

Knowing what to look for and then reporting suspected abuse is the responsibility of Mandatory Reporters
By Merideth Bucher/WITF