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UPenn trains dogs to sniff out spotted lanternfly eggs

A study shows dogs can identity the egg masses with up to 95 percent accuracy.

By Julia Agos

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Nature scavenger hunt, anyone? The Franklin Institute starts with spotted lanternfly eggs

Since Monday and until Earth Day on April 22, the Franklin Institute is posting one or two photos per day of species that people can easily identify in parks near their homes.

By Catalina Jaramillo

Invasive spotted lanternfly reaches 7 more midstate counties

The fly was first discovered in Berks County in 2014 and is now in 26 counties.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pennsylvania adds 12 counties to lanternfly quarantine zone

Twenty-six of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties are now under quarantine, requiring businesses that move products, vehicles and other items in and out of the quarantine zone to obtain a permit.

By The Associated Press

New study shows economic toll of invasive insect if allowed to spread across state

If the spotted lanternfly is able to escape the quarantine zone in southeast and central Pennsylvania and spread across the state, the annual economic damage could reach $324 million or higher.

By Rachel McDevitt

Study: Spotted lanternfly costing Pennsylvania $50M annually

Penn State economists estimated the financial impact on industries most susceptible to spotted lanternfly, including nurseries, vineyards, Christmas tree growers and hardwood producers.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania photographer captures the horror of invasive spotted lanternfly

This Halloween, parts of Pennsylvania are dealing with a monster of their own.

By Rachel McDevitt