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Slavery By Another Name

Explore the little-known story of the labor practices and laws that effectively created a new form of slavery in the South that persisted into

By Fred Vigeant

Updated: November 24, 2021 | 10:13 am

Formerly enslaved people made an impact at Dickinson College. The school is now honoring their names

After research into the college’s ties to slavery, a residence hall and a gate will be renamed.

By Gabriela Martínez

The legacies of Chief Justices Roger Taney and John Marshall and slavery

History remembers slavery is linked to the legacies of both Justices

By Merideth Bucher

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Pennsylvania’s new Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson, MD

Also on the program: House Divided Project explores the struggle for freedom in the US

By Scott LaMar

The Long Song on Masterpiece

Tamara Lawrance (King Charles III) stars as an indomitable house slave in Jamaica during the era of emancipation, with Hayley Atwell (The Avengers) as her demanding, capricious mistress, in The Long Song.

By Fred Vigeant

Dickinson College considers removing names of slaveholders from campus

A midstate college could soon remove the names of slaveholders that are commemorated on campus buildings.

By Rachel McDevitt

Villanova students win national award for ‘Sankofa,’ documentary shot in Philly, Ghana

Princess Garrett and 20 other students created and produced the documentary “Sankofa,” which tells the story of two young Black men who live worlds apart, yet share so much.

By Jennifer Lynn/WHYY