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Hallowed ground: How the stories of Gettysburg and Flight 93 intertwine in the nation’s history

"I think Flight 93 and Gettysburg are in that small group of events that have occurred over the history of this country that have no equals."
By Tim Lambert

‘Where is it?’ Retired State Police head reflects on response to 9/11 attacks, Flight 93 crash

Retired State Police Col. Paul Evanko had a decades-long career with the law enforcement agency and served two terms as commissioner.
He was the person in charge of troopers’ response on Sept. 11, 2001. He vividly remembers the day United Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, in Somerset County, after the passengers and crew attempted to retake the cockpit.

Evanko relived that tragic day when he sat down with WITF’s Tim Lambert for an interview as part of a new exhibit, “Witness to History,” at the State Museum of Pennsylvania.

By Sam Dunklau and Joe Ulrich

Flight 93 crashed among coal mines. Treating the water there was no ordinary project

Some of those involved in treating the water contaminated by the site’s legacy of coal mining still remember the weight the work carried.

By Madison Goldberg

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Two decades after 9/11, have state lawmakers forgotten how to come together during tragedies?

The dynamics of the Sept. 11 attacks made the moments of political unity it inspired unique. It’s tough to imagine state lawmakers coming together like that in today’s fiercely partisan political world.

By Sam Dunklau

Educating a post-9/11 generation: The effort to keep the story alive

Friends and family members of those impacted by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks are working to find ways to tell Flight 93’s story to the next generation.

By Julia Agos