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School violence is a growing concern, here’s some ways to resolve it

Joey Melvin, Director of Center for Safe Schools, said school violence is everything from an assault to a school shooting, serious injury, or death that was caused by a someone or multiple people. He also said, that the high impact school violence events are extremely low frequency but may be taking place because of what’s taking place in the school’s community, peer pressure, mental health issues, and more.

By Aniya Faulcon

Teen killed, 4 wounded in shooting after football scrimmage at North Philadelphia school

Players were walking off the field behind Roxborough High School after a scrimmage involving three schools when at least two people opened fire.

By The Associated Press

Texas House report blames local, state and federal officers for ‘systemic failure’ in Uvalde

The report is the clearest, most-detailed picture yet of what happened that day, during which local, state, and federal law enforcement waited for more than an hour to confront the gunman.