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The Doc is back in anticipation of new seasons arriving on WITF TV

The popular British drama series “Doc Martin” (season 8) is back, starring Martin Clunes as cantankerous village practitioner Dr. Martin Ellingham!

By Christina Zeiders

Will Tom and Sophia Find Their Happily Ever After?

Tom’s letter to Lady Bellaston threatens his prospects with Sophia, then a swordfight lands him in deeper trouble.

By Christina Zeiders

The Romantic Tension Builds on “Tom Jones”

Tom is banished and Sophia flees.

By Christina Zeiders

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WITF Passport Binge: Tom Jones

Two lovers follow their hearts in a new adaptation of Henry Fielding’s novel.

By Christina Zeiders

Two lovers follow their hearts in Tom Jones

Solly McLeod, Sophie Wilde and Hannah Waddingham star in this MASTERPIECE adaptation of Henry Fielding’s classic novel
By Christina Zeiders

A Sanditon Double Feature

Lennox and Colbourne’s simmering rivalry over Charlotte comes to a head and Georgiana learns some shocking truths.

By Christina Zeiders

Watch It Again: Emma

Emma Woodhouse delights in the conviction that she’s the perfect matchmaker. But she’s playing a dangerous game as she persuades her friend to reject a marriage proposal to a local farmer in favor of the dashing Mr. Elton.

By Christina Zeiders

Is It Love? Stream “Love, Inevitably” with WITF Passport

Despite the distance between them, Candela and Massimo meet in each other’s minds at the most inconvenient moments. Are they meant to be?

By Christina Zeiders